Welcome To Bioactive Laboratories

Bioactive Laboratories is an Australian biotech company specialising in rare plant species for Drug Discovery and Natural Health applications..

Plant selection is based on traditional medicines with documented evidence that dates back centuries.

Understanding these plant species using meticulous research & modern scientific methods is the philosophy behind our platform technologies approach.

This broad philosophy encompasses a single focused vision that good health is a basic human right.

You will find this website provides information primarily for our investors and partners, both current & future.

Enjoy the Bioactive journey and celebrate healthy living…



Hand in hand – Drug Discovery and Natural Health

Our Drug Discovery Division has discovered an array of new and complex molecules. An expanding medicinal compound library extends our research collaborations, broadening the application reach.

Our Natural Health Division recently made history, introducing a NEW medicinal plant to the register complete with a TGA new substance approval for use in Listed Medicines.

Are we witnessing a new pharmaceutical frontier, combining 'low risk' listed medicines with drug discovery collaborations or is this the emergence of a new pharmaceutical disruptive paradigm?

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