A New Collaborative Funding Model Aids Drug Discovery

Bioactive Laboratories’ Drug Discovery efforts were given a boost with an innovative collaborative funding model supported by the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

The project was directed at investigating the use of bark extracts from tree harvesting to manufacture pharmaceutical products. Enhancing the non-wood benefits of tree plantation activity has commercial benefits as does research to identify and develop new pharmaceuticals to treat challenging medical conditions.

Principal researcher at Griffith University’s School of Environment, Professor Tony Carroll confirmed that the project demonstrated the potential of tree harvest residues as sources of compounds that can be used for a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic, pest control and as a source of ‘rare’ fine chemicals for biotechnological research and development.

He said the lack of a sustainable supply of complex naturally derived compounds can stifle their development into pharmaceuticals, but harvesting them from plantation sources provides certainty that can aid in positive decision-making in the drug development pipeline.

Read the publication summary here: Publication – Project VNC411-1516-v1


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