About Us


Bioactive Laboratories has two divisions: Bioactive Therapeutics – the drug discovery division, and Bioactive Natural Health – the traditional medicine & OTC (over-the-counter) division.

The drug discovery division has discovered new and unique therapeutic compounds while the Traditional Medicine and OTC division, with a TGA application pending, is entering its commercialisation phase.

Early commercialisation helps finance continued research and development, growing the stable of unique IP for more targeted pharmaceutical drug applications.


The immediate market strategy is to supply established pharmaceutical & natural health manufacturers with proprietary extracts, whilst licensing unique therapeutic compounds for further drug development.

To demonstrate product application potential Bioactive are developing a range of isolated molecules for drug discovery and the Khapre® range of traditional medicine & OTC ingredients.

The growing raw material base from our exclusive Certified Organic and remote pristine sources ensure consistent high quality and timely supply.


Female Blue-Winged Kookaburra

Environmental ethics underpin the Bioactive drive for the highest quality and market peace of mind.

As a consequence, the Bioactive Environmental Stewardship (BESt) Program was established in 2012 as a response to shrinking native habitat primarily due to out-dated methods of agriculture.

Bioactive staff are encouraged to seek out and become involved in community based environmental projects that reflect the Bioactive ethos.

Here are some examples of the BESt Program in action:

Pictured left, a female Blue-Winged Kookaburra (sub-species Dacelo leachii cliftoni). The photo was taken on the Bioactive Certified Organic plantation in Tropical North Western Australia.