Bioactive Laboratories

Introductionlab CSIRO Floreat 01 - July 2012

Bioactive Laboratories was formed to harness the commercial potential of in-house R&D discoveries and form research collaborations such as with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research, Griffith University and the University of Western Australia.

The commercial phases within the company’s strategic plan are broken into two areas for human health:

  1. Traditional & Over-the-Counter medicines; and
  2. Pharmaceutical drug discovery.

The traditional & OTC medicines are defined by the TGA as ‘low risk’ medicines, therefore regulatory requirements and processing sophistication are less stringent compared to prescription drugs. This route to market therefore is seen as a fast-track against the traditional biotech timeline.

The drug discovery route, albeit longer, begins with licensing new molecule discoveries. This licensing strategy is seen as an additional early commercial opportunity for Bioactive.

Click these links to read more about the suite of isolated molecules for drug discovery and  traditional medicine & OTC products.

Commercial production lab

Market Advantage

Bioactive Laboratories holds a distinct competitive advantage through:

 – Exclusive rights to patents in various stages of development; and

– Exclusive access to the world’s oldest and largest,  ACO Certified Organic, planting of key plant species.

The unique opportunity also exists within the business structure to separate the two divisions giving early investors multiple return opportunities.