Bioactive forges new drug development collaboration for its Infectious Diseases platform

logo WEHIBioactive has brought forward its drug development pipeline by two years after significant infectious disease discoveries were confirmed by Professor Alan Cowman, Head of Infection and Immunity at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

Bioactive Managing Director Rick Ferdinands, “The magnitude of these discoveries has not been seen since the early 1970’s for a major global infectious disease.”

Inside 8 weeks Bioactive & the Walter and Eliza Hall institute forged a collaboration and formed a new pharmaceutical company.

The new company’s aim is two fold, to conduct additional research into the unique active compounds using structure-based drug design & to continue to develop Bioactive’s patentable Optimised Extract towards a shorter term commercial outcome.

Bioactive are now finalising patents and relationships to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

“With the right global partner we could see a commercial product launch of our optimised extract within 24 months post raising.” says Mr Ferdinands.

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