A New Generation of Bio-Secure Listed Medicines

With a focus on quality and consumer peace of mind, for a sixth consecutive year, Bioactive have successfully gained their Organic Certification for the Kimberley Plantation. Ensuring bio-security is what the discerning practitioner and natural health consumer expects from their listed medicines suppliers.

The certified organic status of its ‘farm fresh’ medicinal ingredients paves the way for a new generation of bio-secure listed medicines that are grown and made in Australia for local and export markets.

With the TGA approval of a new ingredient for use in Listed medicines, Bioactive is currently undergoing production trials and conducting clinical studies for a product release in the not too distant future.

Kimberley natural wonders…


A Black-Footed Rock Wallaby

A Black-Footed Rock Wallaby on the steep rocky banks of the Chamberlain Gorge


The Bioactive Environmental Stewardship (BESt) Program encourages staff to engage in environmental activity on a community level.

On a recent trip to the remote North Western Australia Bioactive staff snapped some of the local wildlife in and around the Bioactive Plant Farms.

The BESt Program promotes a well rounded and balanced outlook to work and personal endeavours. We hope you, our internet community, enjoy these images, a testament to celebrating healthy living…



A female Blue-Winged Kookaburra

A female Blue-Winged Kookaburra takes a vantage point high up a Bioactive tree



A Kimberley Agile Wallaby

A Kimberley Agile Wallaby at home amongst the Bioactive trees

A Wedged-Tailed Eagle

A Wedged-Tailed Eagle in the shade of the midday sun


A Fresh-Water Crocodile on the banks of Lake Argyle

A Fresh-Water Crocodile on the banks of Lake Argyle

Blackwood River Rehab Project

Blackwood River rehab site - Copy

Blackwood River Rehabilitation Site




Bioactive in cooperation with rural landowners and the South West Catchments Council (SWCC) have co-funded a grant to rehabilitate approximately 24 hectares of riparian remnant vegetation along the Blackwood River. The Blackwood River is in the South West corner of Australia in the state of Western Australia.

This initiative is part of the Bioactive Environmental Stewardship (BESt) program. The BESt program is a community focussed environmental program that supports local environmental efforts.

Bioactive Managing Director, Rick Ferdinands: “One of our prime motivators is to continue to work with community in enabling environmental stewardship. Community group the South West Catchments Council has worked tirelessly over many months with land owners to secure funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country funding initiative.

With a local land owner, Bioactive will be providing a proportion of matching funding for this project. The prime objective of this initiative is to again create a vital corridor to link native animal movement in the region whilst re-populating native flora to benefit the general health of the Blackwood River.

The practical outcome of this initiative, however, is the creation of new fresh water watering points for cattle as they now have restricted access to river water. As a degraded river system with reducing annual rainfall the river water has been gradually increasing in salinity. We see this as a win/win for the environment and pastoralist. It is also an effective template that we hope can be adopted along other degraded river systems.”

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“Western Brushy” Release

Blackwood possum rehab - Copy

Western Brush-tailed Possum release in the South-West of Western Australia

Working with Native Animal Rescue (NAR) volunteers the Bioactive team released three Western Brush-tailed Possums to a remote location in the South-West corner of Western Australia.

As part of the Bioactive Environmental Stewardship (BESt) program, Bioactive in cooperation with NAR attached artificial nesting boxes to native trees at a height that would keep the possums safe and ensure a comfortable transition from the rehabilitation hospital environment at NAR back to their native habitat.

Bioactive is grateful for the excellent community driven work conducted by NAR and their volunteers.

For more information and donations to NAR please click on the NAR logo