Bioactive Laboratories is a medical research company specialising in rare-plant medicines for Drug Discovery & Natural Health. The company is structured into two divisions: Bioactive Therapeutics Pty Ltd, for Drug Discovery and Bioactive Natural Health Pty Ltd.

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Bioactive Laboratories Pty Ltd – NATURAL HEALTH COMMERCIALISATION 2021

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Strategy – Translational Medicine

Bioactive work with private investors and have engaged in government and private funding programs to create investments that enable a smooth transition between R&D and commercialisation.

This process, is a rapidly growing discipline now referred to as Translational Medicine. It utilises a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative, “bench-to-bedside” strategy and aims to expedite the discovery of new treatments.

This strategy draws together new computational approaches and technologies to deal with the large amounts of data using sophisticated investigative tools and techniques. Managing Director, Rick Ferdinands as a software engineer in the 90’s was a pioneer in this area contributing to AZT becoming the fastest drug in history to achieve FDA approval at the time. The model has been continuously defined and developed into the Translational Medicine discipline we see today.

Business Model – Drug Discovery

The Drug Discovery business model is one where a percentage of the revenue from the natural health business together with government and philanthropic grants are used to further develop the platform technologies. Funding to date has been predominantly through grants. The resulting IP assets, generally in the form of scientific know-how and patents, will be interned into spin-off companies to focus research with partners and commence the commercialisation phases.  

The first spin-off company is a collaboration with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research into a human pathogenic target. The spin-off company is Aeris Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd.

Our current work with Griffith University revolves around the isolation of molecules with a major discovery in the antimicrobial field.

After some significant findings, two pipeline projects for human health are in the gastrointestinal and neurodegenerative space.

The UWA project showing early promise is a veterinary anti-pathogenic target where resistance has become a major concern for livestock. Flow on applications are within the lucrative domestic pet market.

The pipeline research area for veterinary applications is within the gastrointestinal space. Globally livestock suffer significant condition loss leading to lower weights and premature death in transit due to gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions such as gastritis. 

As described, the company has identified areas of research where disease burden is significant and a global unmet need exists for both human health and veterinary application.

Investors can find out more by contacting Managing Director, Rick Ferdinands via email at to arange a confidential discussion.

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