Kimberley natural wonders…


A Black-Footed Rock Wallaby

A Black-Footed Rock Wallaby on the steep rocky banks of the Chamberlain Gorge


The Bioactive Environmental Stewardship (BESt) Program encourages staff to engage in environmental activity on a community level.

On a recent trip to the remote North Western Australia Bioactive staff snapped some of the local wildlife in and around the Bioactive Plant Farms.

The BESt Program promotes a well rounded and balanced outlook to work and personal endeavours. We hope you, our internet community, enjoy these images, a testament to celebrating healthy living…



A female Blue-Winged Kookaburra

A female Blue-Winged Kookaburra takes a vantage point high up a Bioactive tree



A Kimberley Agile Wallaby

A Kimberley Agile Wallaby at home amongst the Bioactive trees

A Wedged-Tailed Eagle

A Wedged-Tailed Eagle in the shade of the midday sun


A Fresh-Water Crocodile on the banks of Lake Argyle

A Fresh-Water Crocodile on the banks of Lake Argyle

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