Bioactive Laboratories produce a scientifically based suite of patented & proprietary plant based pharmaceutical products.

These products encompass: drug discovery & plant extracts focused on Drug DiscoveryTraditional Medicine & OTC, and Veterinary Health & Agriculture, all spanning differing stages of development.

Drug Discovery Pipeline

Through our research collaborations, the Drug Discovery Pipeline includes an Infectious Diseases stream focusing on two major disease areas, Parasitic and Gastro-Intestinal.

The Anti-inflammatory pipeline is focused on exploiting the first-in-class discovery of a ‘stomach friendly’ anti-inflammatory. The potency, post animal studies, was found to be comparable to current anti-inflammatory drugs.

Traditional Medicine

The Traditional Medicine range is designed by nature to help digestion, detoxification and immunity. Independent scientific studies show that Bioactive’s prime ingredient possesses significant anti-inflammatory activity and associated pain relief on acute and chronic inflammation via oral and topical application(1) whilst maximising antioxidant activity to improve delivery and effect.

To compliment the growing volume of international research, Bioactive’s own scientific studies, and those from collaborative partners, have proven that their source of Certified Organic plant based raw materials reflect the high levels of active ingredients required(2).

Ingredients are harvested from pristine Australian environmental sources encompassing both Certified Organic and remote plantation origin.

Entry into the the Australian Certified Organic Program has now been finalised. This is a significant commercial milestone and testament to the environmental credentials and organic best-practice benchmark that Bioactive has now attained.

It is expected that production and commercial distribution will commence from the next financial year.

Veterinary Health & Agriculture

Bioactive Laboratories has developed a range of all natural veterinary products & agricultural feedstock that provide optimal health for loved family pets, champion horses and valuable livestock.

All formula are in commercial planning and testing phases. We expect the range to be further rolex submariner developed and released in the not too distant future.

Disclaimer: Please note that any statements aligned to product descriptions on this website and the products themselves are in varying stages of evaluation by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia (TGA), the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America (FDA) & the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Bioactive recommend the three pillars of health, a balanced diet with plenty of fresh filtered water, regular daily exercise and a good night’s sleep.

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