Bioactive early discovery leads to patent

Bioactive Solutions, the Research and Development arm of the Bioactive Group are excited to announce the filing of their inaugural patent.

Extract research & QC lab 01 Managing Director Rick Ferdinands, “This patent, with research still in the discovery phase, represents a significant milestone in the short history of Bioactive.

The significance is in the non-synthetic plant based origins of the ‘herbal composition of an enriched extract’. As a proprietary formula, the patent abstract concentrates on ‘the treatment or prevention of inflammation’.

This early research indicates strong laboratory based results in four key areas: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer.

The flagship formula, Khapre®, based on this early discovery, is expected to be applied to many complementary medicine applications as an early commercial strategy to help fund the company’s drug development ambitions.

Currently undergoing formulation testing and analyses, it is expected that the Khapre® related product range be released in the coming years.

Our thanks must go to our early investors, the WA Government Innovations Voucher program for financial assistance and our dedicated scientific team.

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