Blackwood River Rehab Project

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Blackwood River Rehabilitation Site




Bioactive in cooperation with rural landowners and the South West Catchments Council (SWCC) have co-funded a grant to rehabilitate approximately 24 hectares of riparian remnant vegetation along the Blackwood River. The Blackwood River is in the South West corner of Australia in the state of Western Australia.

This initiative is part of the Bioactive Environmental Stewardship (BESt) program. The BESt program is a community focussed environmental program that supports local environmental efforts.

Bioactive Managing Director, Rick Ferdinands: “One of our prime motivators is to continue to work with community in enabling environmental stewardship. Community group the South West Catchments Council has worked tirelessly over many months with land owners to secure funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country funding initiative.

With a local land owner, Bioactive will be providing a proportion of matching funding for this project. The prime objective of this initiative is to again create a vital corridor to link native animal movement in the region whilst re-populating native flora to benefit the general health of the Blackwood River.

The practical outcome of this initiative, however, is the creation of new fresh water watering points for cattle as they now have restricted access to river water. As a degraded river system with reducing annual rainfall the river water has been gradually increasing in salinity. We see this as a win/win for the environment and pastoralist. It is also an effective template that we hope can be adopted along other degraded river systems.”

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